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Even in those early days, because Niueans were very much concerned about protecting their own health, they adopted a policy whereby any sick person was taken away into the bush and left there, away from the presence of the public at large. Such form of primitive quarantine was a common practice of the people of Niue before. Timeline This historical timeline provides a quick overview of Niue's history. The dates that are uncertain have been greyed out to alert you. King Fataaiki writes to Queen Victoria in : We the chiefs and rulers and governors of Niue-Fekai desire to pray Your Majesty and Your Majesty's Kingdom, if it be your pleasure to stretch out towards us your mighty hand that Niue may hide herself in it and be safe.

We are afraid lest some other powerful nation should come and trouble us, and take possession of our island, as some islands in this quarter of the world have been taken by great nations.

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On account of this we are troubled, but we leave it with you to do as seems best to you. If you send the flag of Britain, it is well; or if you send a Commissioner to reside among us, that also will be well. Our king, Tuitonga, died on the 13th July last, but before he died he wished to write to Your Majesty, and beg to send the powerful flag of Britain to unfurl in this island of Niue, in order that this weak island of ours might be strong. It was from your country that men first came to this island to make known the name of the Lord, and through them this land of Niue-Fekai became enlightened; then for the first time, this people knew that there were other lands in this world.

Therefore the people of this land rejoice in you and your kingdom. This land is enlightened by the gospel of Jesus Christ brought by the subjects of Your Majesty, and that is why we make this petition. That is all we have to say. May Your Majesty the Queen and your powerful kingdom be blessed, together with the kingdom of Niue, in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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I, Fataiki, write this letter. Sir Basil Thomson writes further: The first kingdom of all kingdoms in the world, England, the earth-hungry and insatiable, took thirteen years to think it over, and then, having received a second letter more precisely worded, reluctantly consented. It is an object-lesson of the way in which we blunder into Empire. Land tenure in Niue In Niue land is owned by line of descent mangafaoa.

Region: Auckland. Both of those cases have overseas links, Bloomfield said. All previous confirmed cases have now recovered or are recovering at home, Bloomfield said.

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Three people have also been isolated on a crusie ship in Akaroa, and were being tested. Two of them were in close contact with a previously confirmed case, one of whom had symptoms. All on board are not allowed off the ship until those test results are known, he said.

The only infections in New Zealand were within family members, he said. That reinforced the importance of staying at home if you're feeling unwell, he said.

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Those people didn't have to stay in their rooms, but they shouldn't go to public places. But he would not be drawn on what might happen until the test results came back. The sixth confirmed case would be monitored daily by health services. He was then assessed in his car by his GP, who was wearing the appropriate protective equipment. The advice for the public remained the same, the ministry said. Covid No active cases in community; 3 new cases at the Read Article.

Covid 3 new cases in managed isolation Read Article. North Shore baby death: Shocked driver says Mike's Minute: National can't afford any ill-discipline Watch Video. Proposals could see massive cuts at Massey University Listen. New or improved noise walls, urban design and landscaping. Improved stormwater treatment.

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Latest construction activity The Southern Corridor Improvements project is extremely complex and work is taking place within a highly constrained and narrow motorway corridor, resulting in a staged construction approach to ensure the motorway continues to operate during the work. Northbound widening on the Southern Motorway to: three lanes from Papakura to Takanini currently two lanes.

Upgrading the Takanini Interchange to provide new ramps and improved safety. Walking and cycling improvements including a shared use path from Takanini to Papakura. LED lighting will be a key feature, along with new barriers to improve safety. Walking and cycling A range of walking and cycling improvements will form part of the Southern Corridor Improvements project. These include: A full upgrade of the Takanini Interchange to improve safety and operation.

This includes enhanced pedestrian and cyclist facilities in the form of shared-use pedestrian and cycle paths along both sides of Great South Road through the Takanini Interchange area. Signalised pedestrian and cycle crossings will be provided at the intersections. A new 4. This pedestrian and cycle way will run along the northbound western side of the motorway and provide local road connections to Great South Road, Brylee Drive, and through the reserves at Walter Strevens Drive, Gardone Terrace and Pescara Point.

It will end at Hingaia Road by Papakura Interchange. Two separate bridge structures to provide a connection across the Pahurehure Inlet. A new pedestrian overbridge to cross the motorway adjacent to the Pescara Point Reserve. This iconic structure erected in October , though finishing work remains before it can be opened to the public will link the communities either side of the motorway, and connect into the new 4.

You can view the new Southern Path map below. Project Contacts General enquiries — southerncorridor nzta. Jenni Wild — jenni.