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Two years afterwards he became master of the Ruapehu, and in three years made nine voyages to New Zealand. Next he received command of the handsome clipper-bowed old steamer Rimutaka, since superseded by another vessel of the same name. After eight voyages in her, he brought out the new liner Ruahine. In he went back to the Rimutaka, and made another fifteen voyages in her.

Captain Greenstreet has been several times given the honour of bringing new steamers out on their maiden voyages.

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In he took first charge of the Papanui, and when lie returned in. He only made two voyages in her, and then took command of the present Rimutaka, which, until last year, he retained. Last year he left the Rimutaka for the latest and biggest addition to the fleet, the Ruahine, now in New Zealand waters. Captain Gregory commanded the Willis, Gunn and Co. Captain Griffiths commanded the Midolthain to Wellington in Vine Hall commanded the s. Claud Hamilton in and s.

Egmont in Captain Isaac Harding commanded the s. Nebraska to North America in Captain Hardy commanded the Caroline to Dunedin with of the passengers rescued from the Wild Deer a month earlier.

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Captain Harry commanded the Warwickshire to Lyttelton in Captain Hazelwood [ Haslewood] commanded the Hurunui Captain Hedley commanded the Thames to Auckland. Captain Hird commanded the Taranaki Dec. Hercules Anderson in charge of the Marlborough stayed in Pt. Hird was in command of the Marlborough when she was reported missing on the homeward journey in One of ten cadets on board was the stepson of Captain William Ashby.

Captain John Hiatt , commanded the wool clipper ship Gloucester , tons burthen, in Captain H Hicks in command of the Lutterworth when the ballast shifted and she was thrown on her beam in Cook Strait in Mrs Hicks was a passenger showed remarkable courage. Davies , of the Marine Department, Auckland was the mate. Captain Hodder commanded the Waikato and the Waitangi in to Lyttelton. Captain Holbeche was only married a short time before leaving Lyttelton on the same trip Home. Aged 39 years. Holton commanded the H. Captain Holt commanded the Devonshire Captain A.

Holton commanded the Columbus , tons, in Captain Hood in command of the Oamaru Captain Hood had the first command of the Lyttelton in Captain Hopkins commanded the Star of Erin. Wrecked at Bluff Feb. Captain Edward Horner commanded the Asterope to Lyttelton in Captain Peter Houston late commander of the Isabella Hercus died on 10th march, His death took place a few days prior to the vessels arrival in London, on her homeward voyage from Lyttelton, after trading in the eastern archipelago for the last two years.

Lyttelton Times 3 Sept. Captain I. Howieson commanded the iron barque Mendoza in Atrato in He died while the vessel was at Port Ahuriri, Napier, and was succeeded by his brother, who at the time was chief officer of the ship J. Captain AW Jack commanded the s. Egmont in Captain James Jackson commanded the Greyhound , tons burthen, in Captain George Jenkins commanded the Lady Jocelyn Captain Johnson commanded the Surat. Wreck New Years day at the Catlins in Captain Johnston commanded the Edwin Fox to Lyttelton in Lawrence to Lyttelton in Captain Richard Kelly born Appledore was master of the Halcione before he became master of the Westland.

Westland , ship, tons from Liverpool.

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The ship Westland was towed up on the 18th inst. On this occasion she is in command of Captain Samue l, a gentleman well and favourably known here in connection with the ship of which some years past he has been chief officer. Captain Samuel assumed command on the occasion of the untimely death of our late lamented friend Captain Richard Kelly, which happened at sea on September 8. Prior to her departure from the Lancashire port Captain Kelly had been in very poor health, and finally after severe fits, he succumbed on September 8.

Captain Kelly was comparatively a young man, being only 43 years of age when called away. He had been for some 25 years in the service of the S. He had also been in command of the Westland for several years.

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Captain Kelly leaves a wife with a numerous family to deplore their loss, and no doubt friends in every direction will avail themselves of the opportunity of marking their regret for the loss of so good a man. Captain Samuel , who is in command, has associated with him Mr Bluett as chief, and Mr McLeod as second officer, while the ship brings between and tons of general cargo for this port. She left Liverpool on August When the Westland was bound for Wellington, Captain Kelly died at sea, on September 8th , and the ship was brought on by the chief officer Mr Samuel.

Arrived in Wellington Nov. Captain J Kelly commanded the Dilpussund Buried in Wellington close to Captain Carden 's grave. He was Wellington, Tuesday. The well-known mariner, Captain Kelly, of the ship Nelson , died this afternoon. He received some injuries to his head on the last voyage made by the ship to the colony, through a heavy sea breaking aboard.

He did not apprehend serious consequence although his head pained him. A few days ago he was admitted to the hospital, where he died this afternoon. Deceased was an old employee of Shaw, Savill and Co. He leaves a wife and family. Captain Kelly commanded the Westland - On Sept. Kelly died at sea, the ship brought on by the chief officer, Mr Samuel.

Kelly had been seven years in the Westland and 35 years in the service of the Shaw, Savill and Albion Company. Captain White , a partner in the firm Nearing and Co. Kemp commanded the Emigrant from Auckland to London in Kerr commanded the Mermaid Captain Robert A. Captain Robert W. Kerr , Lieutenant, R. Captain Kerr command the Wild Deer.

He was the first mate on the Christian McCausland in to Auckland. Otago Witness Thursday 28 December page 15 Captain Kennedy came to the colony in as chief officer of the s.

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He has completed nearly 40 years of service in these waters. Captain Kigour commanded the City of Dunedin to Lyttelton in Captain King commanded the Lancashire Witch and to Auckland. Dr Wills, father of the famous Australian explorer, came out as surgeon. Captain Knight commanded the England's Glory in Wrecked at Bluff Bollons , who for a number of years has been in command of the Government steamer Tutanekai , was a seaman on England's Glory when she made her last passage. Langlands and Captain Buchan in command of the earlier Timaru made five visits to Port Chalmers.

Captain Langlands commanded the Shun Lee Captain Laws commanded the Lurline - Captain A. Lawrence commanded the Charlotte Jane from Plymouth 7 Sept. Le Conteur commanded the Isles of the South to Lyttelton. Lees in command of the Excelsior in - Captain Lee's brother was first mate.

Captain Leslie commanded the Queen Bee The Queen Bee was wrecked at Cape Farewell Captain James Leslie commanded the Calypso She ran ashore on the way home. Lewis in command of the barque the Antares Captain Ralph R. Liddle commanded the John Temperlery to Lyttelton in Captain William Lilley commanded the H.

Captain Thomas Logan , commanded the gross register steamer Manapouri , in Captain Edward Lovell commanded the iron clipper Sunbeam , tons burthen, in Captain McKenzie Luckie command the Michael Angelo , , , found dead in his cabin from heart disease, age The body was interred in the new cemetery at Nelson on 21st January Captain Lunden commanded the Ballochmyle to Lyttelton in Captain John Lynch command the E.

Bouverie M. Captain Malcolm Mucaulay , commanded the Red Rover , tons in Macey commanded the Oriental to Wellington via Nelson in Main commanded the Clyde built iron barque clipper Anne Main , in He was for many years commodore skipper of D. Sprout's fleet. When he got his certificate he became master of the Loch Doon holding command until Mainland, a son, sailed with his father in the Loch Trool , but he left the ship in and settled in Stanley Bay, Devonport, Auckland.

Captain Mather commanded the British Empire to Auckland. Captain Mathers commanded the Waimea late of the Otaki. Captain Mathers commanded the Opawa - Was ailing. Jumped overboard twice. The chief officer brought her on. Captain Edward Mathews in command of the Mystery to Lyttelton. Captain Matthews commanded the Hawarden Castle to Lyttelton in Captain Joseph Maxwell served his apprenticeship in the City of Dunedin also known as commander of the Oamaru and several of Shaw, Savill sailers and steamers. He retired from the sea in , having served 39 years in the company's service, of which 16 years were spent in sailing ships.

He became the marine superintendent for the Shaw, Savill Co. He died in WW Vol 1. Merdue commanded the Myrtle in Captain W. Merryman commanded the Minerva to Lyttelton in On the 13th November, at St. Augustine's Church, Napier, by the Rev. Parkinson, Captain Henry T. Middleton, of Hounston, Middlesex, to Isabella C. Duncan, eldest daughter of the late Captain James Duncan, Arbroath. Captain Miller commanded the Peeress to Lyttelton in Captain Millington commanded the Spirit of the Dawn when she was wrecked on the Antipodes Islands in Millman , commanded the Trans-Tasman clipper barque Malay in , and the barque G.

Tucker in Captain Millman commanded the s. Brunner in Captain Mitchell commanded the Caribou , to Port Chalmers. Captain Mitchell commanded the James Wishart to Lyttelton in Captain Moffat commanded the James Nicol Fleming - Captain Moffat commanded the Westland - Captain E. Captain Moon command the Carnatic, tons built in , Captain Moon commanded the England's Glory.

Built for E. He was ill when the vessel arrived in Auckland and never recovered. Mordue was in command of the Elizabeth Graham in [J. Captain Mordue - The Auckland He was a fine sailorman as ever commanded a ship. Appointed captain in Captain Mordeau commanded the Maori in and the Auckland in Captain Morison command the Grassmere Sank near Cape Terawhiti. Captain Morrison commanded the Lastingham - Wrecked Jackson's Head, Cook Strait, spring Captain Alfred Morton commanded the Pleiades - He had previously visited Nelson in the barque Charles Napier 32 years previously.

Captain Mosey command the Orari - , transferred to the Waimate - on the retirement of Captain Peek. Captain E Mosey commanded the Eastminster to Nelson. James Maxwell. Captain WL Mullens commanded the the H. He afterwards settled in New Plymouth and was master of the Stormbird , the Rangatira and other coastal vessels.

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Captain Robert Murray commanded the Mennock to Lyttelton. Captain James McCarthy commanded the Hereford Wrecked in , 20 miles from Geelong.